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"Sixteen years ago, I suffered injuries to my arms, which left me with nerve damage and the loss of my left triceps. Over the years, I could see and feel the increasing atrophy with my muscles. My hands and fingers were weak and starting to tighten and curl.
I started working with Dr. Menya with strengthening my arms and hands. Dr. Menya has educated me on the connections of muscles, nerves, bones, and good health. We have taken measurements of my fingers and hands throughout our year together. It is awesome to see the numbers increase with gain of muscle and even more color in my hands.
I suffer from migraines. Dr. Menya has located the ribs and muscles that trigger the migraines. I am in training on the proper way to stretch and lift weights to strengthen the muscles that are weak and cause my migraines.
A major accomplishment is getting off the pain medication I was taking twice a day for 16 years. It caused terrible side effects of chronic fatigue, dizziness, trouble concentrating, etc.
Dr. Menya discussed with me options to get off the medication and I was willing to try a non-medicinal alternative. For 16 years I have asked neurologists and my physicians for pain management alternatives and they all kept me on medication. I used a TENS unit to control the pain and was able to wean myself off the medication.
Working with Dr. Menya and joining Lions has been the BEST investment in my health!"

— Joy W.