You Deserve to Feel Amazing!

Achieve Deeper Relaxation with Massage Therapy and Acupuncture!

Massage and Acupuncture at LGWC helps you reduce stress, enhances your posture, and helps keep your body in balance!

Massage therapy is an important addition to any health program. Therapeutic massage enhances efficiency of movement by enabling greater range of motion, improving posture and joint alignment that minimizes risk of injury. Deep tissue massage provides stress reduction, releases toxins and oxidants from muscles, and increases relaxation.

The Massage Therapists at Lions focus on providing significant positive change to the body's tissue in each session, which will optimize your performance potential and help you get more out of your daily regimen.

And if you need help selecting a massage therapist for your needs, please contact us!


  • 30 min. - $45
  • 60 min. - $75 or TWO for $140
  • 90 min. - $105 or TWO for $200
  • 120 min. - $140 or TWO for $270

First 60 min. Massage is 50% OFF ($37.50)

Couples Massage: Learn the Power of Touch

Lions Gym and Wellness Center now offers instruction in couples massage. This class will teach you basic techniques for Swedish massage as well as myo-facial release. This will allow you to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Relieve muscle restrictions
  • And help you to connect with your partner through the power of touch.

As we travel through life, we sometimes lose focus of the most important factors of our peace and happiness — our relationships. For example, parents who massage their children from birth, develop a deeper bond that lasts a lifetime. Couples who master the art of touch and massage can enrich each other's lives and help release some of the daily pressures.

If you are interested in a Couples Massage session, please contact us directly.

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